Personal Injury
Have you suffered loss to your health,
well-being or property because of
someone else's actions or failure to act?
Regardless of the severity of your injury
or property damage, we will be happy to
sit down with you to discuss your case.
Whether you are suffering from chronic
soreness, a severe injury, or damage to
your property, we can handle each
aspect of your case.

From investigating your case and
negotiating with insurance companies, to
prosecuting your lawsuit at trial, we will
vigorously advocate on your behalf to
ensure that you are fairly and
adequately compensated for your
injuries and loss. Our goal is to ensure
that you are made whole, regardless of
the severity of your injury or loss.   

- Burns

- Traffic Accidents

- Spinal Injuries

- Soft Tissue Injuries

- Fibromyalgia

- Slips and Falls

- Tort Claims

- Broken Limbs

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Eastern Washington with
Affordable High Quality
Legal Services.
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