Estate Planning
Whether you're in the process of
planning your estate, or you need to
probate the estate of a loved one who
has recently passed, we can assist you
through the process.  Estate planning
and probate is confusing and stressful,
but it doesn't need to be.  Come in and
talk to us about your assets and your
wishes so we can tailor an estate plan
that will fit both your wants and needs.
We're also happy to assist if you need
help winding up the estate of someone
else, either as sole heir or as personal

- Interstate Representation

- Probate of Estates

- Drafting of Wills

- Drafting of Trusts

- Estate Management

- Testamentary Representation

- Living Wills- Durable Powers

- Power of Attorney

- Conservatorship/Guardianship

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Eastern Washington with
Affordable High Quality
Legal Services.
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